Credit card is a means of payment of cash replacement that can be used by consumers to be exchanged for goods and services they want in places that can accept payment by using credit card. Credit card can also be interpreted as one of banking facilities that facilitate customer transactions. You just swipe the credit card and we just pay it when the bill arrives. Both physically sent bills sent to the home or e-statements sent via email.

Compared to other types of consumer credit offered by banks, credit cards are a credit type that is easily approved if you are eligible to receive a credit card that is a photocopy of ID card, paycheck or income certificate, photo and other certificates deemed necessary. Before applying for a credit card, you must first understand what the credit card, types, and characteristics are.

Even on the current developments, if the prospective holder of a credit card application credit card already has a credit card before, then the prospective holder of the credit card concerned only need to submit a photocopy of the credit card bill. In addition to the ease in applying, the excess credit card is a very wide scope of use, from small transactions to large transactions. This is very beneficial for the community, especially for those who are mobile is in need of this transaction tool.

People usually use credit cards for payment transactions made via the internet, online stores, or stores that provide friction tools. In transactions conducted through the internet, the card holder has an obligation to pay for the goods purchased and has the right to receive the goods he has purchased from the merchant, and otherwise the merchant has the obligation to send the goods in good condition and specifications in accordance with what is ordered by the card Holder and entitled to receive payment. The rapid development of credit card usage is due to the growing importance of using credit cards as a means of payment and taking cash in view of the practicality, sense of comfort and safety. The activity is also inseparable from the imposition of taxes as a public obligation to impose tax on any transactions or facilities or fees to be paid on the use of facilities or ownership a goods.

Exceed the credit limit, so minimum payment is as much as the excess of the credit limit plus 10% of the total credit limit. The payment must be made by the maturity date of each month set by the issuer for each cardholder. Late payments will result in late fines. Credit cards can also be used to make cash withdrawals either directly through teller at the bank office or ATM (automated teller machine) where there are listed logo or name of the card owned, both inside and outside the country. Common credit cards used in this transaction are Visa and Master Card. Types of Credit Cards:

Credit Card

Credit card is a type of card that can be used as a means of payment of transactions of sale and purchase of goods or services where repayment or repayment can be done at once or by installments in a certain minimum amount. The amount of the installment is calculated from the balance of the bill plus the monthly interest.

Charge Card

Charge Card is a card that can be used as a means of payment of a sale and purchase transaction goods or services where the customer must pay back the full bill at the end of the month or next month with or without additional cost.

Debit Card

The Debit Card is different from the two plastic cards mentioned above. Payment on the sale and purchase of goods or services by using a debit card is in principle a cash transaction with no use of cash but the repayment or payment is made by debiting (deducting) directly the balance of the cardholder  account and in the same time crediting The merchant’s account is the amount of the transaction value at the issuing bank (manager).

Cash Card

Cash Card is basically a card that allows cardholders to withdraw cash either directly at the bank cashier or through certain bank ATM that are usually spread in strategic places, for example in hotels, shopping centers and office areas.…

Healthy Food Business is rampant

Of the many business sectors or businesses that rampant today is probably the center of food or culinary is one type of business that will always promise and prospect bright to be occupied. Food business opportunities will always be bright because food will always be a human need as long as the human is alive. When run and cultivated to the maximum culinary business has a huge potential to reap huge profits. However, you should remember that the competition in this business is also so strict that entrepreneurial candidates must be able to showcase unique products and can attract consumers.

Healthy food is not only a trend, but also has become a lifestyle of many people. Therefore, healthy food products also appear and attract attention. Food business is now not just a restaurant. Healthy food products are also emerging and appear as a promising business. If you are good at opportunities, this business is very promising. Some of these things you need to know before opening a healthy food business:

Find the opportunity loophole

You should look for food that people still want to eat but in healthier form. For example, a burger made with organic vegetables and whole wheat bread. Although impressive junk food people will love it more. Or biscuits with whole wheat ingredients, inorganic sugars and organic dried fruits.

Make sure it tastes good

If the idea is steady, now just cultivate it just taste. Because, taste is the number one thing. In addition to delicious, your product creations should also have a characteristic taste above average. The selection of materials must also be of quality, considering your product is a healthy product. Fresh ingredients, organic ingredients, low sugar and fat can be an option.

The touch of personal identity

When choosing a brand name for a product, there are other things to consider besides a memorable name. Loren Brill, owner of the brand Sweet Loren’s opinion, should put their own name or anything related to personal things in it. All this aims to let people know the name that has a recipe and is responsible for quality.

Read a lot

Reading lots of books on groceries and similar business food profiles can also inspire. By doing so, you know the details of the field to be occupied.…


Understanding International Business is a business whose activities pass the borders of the country. This definition includes not only international trade and overseas manufacturing, but also a thriving service industry in areas such as transportation, tourism, banking, advertising, construction, retail trade, large trade and mass communications

International Business High

As mentioned above, international business is a business activity that is conducted within the boundaries of a State. Business transactions like these are international business transactions. The business transactions conducted by a State with other countries are often referred to as International Business. On the other hand the business transaction is done by a company in a country with other companies or individuals in other countries called International Marketing or International Marketing. This international marketing is usually defined as International Business, although there are basically two meanings. So we can distinguish the existence of two International Business transactions are:

  1. International Trade
    In the case of international trade which is an inter-state transaction it is usually done in the traditional way that is by way of export and import. With the export and import transactions it will arise “Balance of trade in state. A State may have a Trade Balance Surplus or its Trade Account Deficit. The surplus trade balance shows the situation in which the country has a higher export value compared to the import value made from its trading partner country.
  2. Marketing International (International Marketing)
    International marketing is often referred to as International Business (International Business) is a condition where a company can engage in a business transaction with other countries, other companies or the general public abroad. This international business transaction is generally an attempt to market overseas production. In this case the entrepreneur will be free from trade barriers and import tariffs because there are no import export transactions

Reasons Implementing International Business

  • Specialization among nations
    In relation to certain advantages or strengths and weaknesses then a State must determine the strategic choice to produce a strategic commodity that is
  • Utilize as much as possible the power that turns out to be truly superior so as to produce it more efficiently and cheaper among other countries.
  • Focus on commodities that have the smallest weakness among other countries
  • Concentrate his attention to produce or master commodities that have the greatest weakness for his country


In the business world there are two business classifications seen from the system work, there are so-called traditional business systems, and there is a modern business system. Often a business owner of a traditional type feels that his business development is difficult to develop and often stagnant, not in the sense that his business is dying, but can be said to be less benefit than the modern business / business where the development can be very fast and profitable.

So what is the difference between the two types of business? What distinguishes modern and modern businesses is in the system of participation and sharing of expenses / benefits. That is, a traditional business focuses more on marketing and production where it is assumed that these two things can be done by themselves at the same time, because it would be more profitable to work alone than to be shared with others. Indeed it can be done doing two functions simultaneously so you can be paid double and it is profitable for you as the owner and manager of the business.

But from that assumption, we are not aware of one thing that is when you want to increase sales then you have to be ready to increase production, and of course you have to ready for maintenance prospect which have become client, and it can do every day, week and month depending on ability Your time to set it because you are running 2 functions simultaneously.

What about the modern system? They are more sensitive to their abilities and expectations, so businesses of this type are more open to sharing and open participation in an organized manner. The assumption used is quantity, it’s ok to get a little profit from 1 buyer / client, but must have 1000 clients. And on this type of business will be able to produce 1000 products because of available human resources and market.

Of course that distinguishes between one type of business with another is on the management system. We know there are some management in a company including: Business plan, marketing management, finance, human resources, and production. But a system that is rarely used by traditional businesses is the HR  system, the simple assumption is that management is not very important, it can still be worked on by the business owner, but actually, HR is a dynamic resource as the primary source for producing, selling, managing and Turning the business is human resources.…

The Benefits of Digital Marketing for Business


As a good businessman online or offline, marketing is an important thing to do. If a businessman does not market a product or service that is sold, this can be a constraint your business can not run smoothly, consequently will make business into bankruptcy. This is because no one knows your business, most likely people who know just around your area. Therefore, with the development of the times have a lot of business people prefer to market their business by utilizing digital marketing do you know what the benefits of using digital marketing for business? Here are 4 benefits of using digital marketing for business:

Broader market reach

The first benefit of digital marketing for business is that it can reach a wider market. With a wider market range, then the business you manage not only known from your own place, but can go out of town and even out of the country. The more extensive the market, the greater your business opportunity known to many people so that will get a lot of consumers. Therefore, for those of you who are currently pioneering business and want to grow fast business there is a good use of digital marketing as a container to market the business.

The cost is relatively cheap

Many people who think to get to know their business most people by using digital marketing will only waste money because it requires a relatively large cost. However, it is necessary for you to know that using digital marketing costs required relatively cheaper when compared with promotions through other means whether using brochures, billboards, or television media. Television media is a campaign that requires a large enough cost may be many times the cost of digital marketing. Therefore, for you especially beginners who want his business known to many people and the cost is only a little, you should choose digital marketing as a promotion.

Easy to see business development

Want to know the business development must be the desire of a Businessman, but not all businessmen can quickly know the development of business. However, with digital marketing, you will see business development easily because it does not have to wait for weeks. This is because you can see from the number of visitors who access your site so as to increase the number of subscribers.

Easily establish closeness with consumers

Consumers are people who contribute to your business to be successful. Therefore, to establish closeness with consumers is certainly very important. If you sell clothing products and sold offline, it will certainly be difficult to establish a sensitivity with consumers. Use the services of digital marketing agency Indonesia as one solution. With you using digital marketing, it is easier to establish closeness with consumers. This is because what is being distributed and consumer advice can be sent directly.

With you taking advantage of digital marketing for business, then there are many advantages to be gained. In essence, you must remain to provide good service and satisfy the consumers.