Running a business is like running a life. The condition is not always as smooth as expected. There are many problems that will be an obstacle, but must be solved wisely. This is generally experienced by entrepreneurs in the business world. Preferably, start-up entrepreneurs are not easily down on the problems that occur in the course of business, but beginner entrepreneurs have to rise by promoting Innovation and Introspection of the business.

If we have a business that turns out to be quiet customers, this generally happens for several reasons. Maybe we sell products are too expensive, minimal quality and services we provide less than the maximum. Some elements such as price, quality and service would be the deciding factor for customers to our business. If it is bad, then the customer will no longer trust us. If it is currently a business is experiencing empty visitors, do not worry, following tips to deal with a business that is quiet customers:

Price Survey

You may survey by visiting the same store you own, and ask the prices in those stores. Then compare with the price you sell. If your store sells more expensive, you may have to lower the price of the product you sell.


Innovation is important to eliminate market saturation of a product. For example, if you are selling a food business, think about innovation in taste or packaging. If you can make it more unique again, it is not impossible customers who were less interested in buying your product would be a loyal customer.

Maintain Quality of Products and Services

Customers generally look for products with quality service. Therefore, you as the owner of his business, must be able to maintain these qualities. If your business has the best quality products and services, surely customers will be happy to continue shopping at your store.

Spread into the Online Market

If you want the product you sell to more people, it’s time to go to the online market. Create a social media account of the business you are running and promote the products you sell in the account.