Understanding Business is basically an Economic activity of buying and selling, with the aim of the buyer and the seller get the price difference from the capital he issued, in short the business is buying and selling activities! Not more not less! And Business comes from the word busy which means busy.

What is Business, is business different from trade? There are some who think that business is business, while trade is different from business! Regardless of whether or not true, business and trade can almost be said that is a buying and selling activity to get a profit! Perhaps if hearing the word trade, there is the impression that the trade is identical to the traditional activity, while the business is synonymous with modern activities.

Business activity is present because there is a significant amount of market demand, and the seller sees potential profit, if it can provide the demand for the product! Business or commercial activity will not occur if there is no demand from the market, the seller has already known it based on his observations, in the past the basic knowledge of buying and selling is unknown and not well integrated, and each area has different price standards – so many merchants travel on expeditions where they aim to get cheap goods somewhere or different areas especially for spice products where at that time there is a very high demand!

Business basically promises wealth, fun and prosperity if we can play it well, but not everyone has the talent to do business, maybe everyone can dream, and can hope, but business activities will not be as easy as imagined, there are several factors Which will affect the success of the business itself either mentality, attitude (attitude), intelligence. (Due to great interest / expert because of likes), the last is the experience factor.

Did you know that 99% of the people around us have dreamed of being a successful businessman but who achieve that dream is no more than 10%, sounds ironic and tragic, but that’s the reality in business, lots of enthusiasts but few are successful and do not be surprised There are many out there who sell products related to successful business secrets and such if the question is whether the product product that is circulating about the successful business is true who knows maybe if the product is used as a basic material to better understand what is business, and deeper, why Not? At least their product is only worth 100 thousands or its surroundings

In today’s all-round “hard” job search, what’s wrong if we make our own business or business. Do not have the capital? Do not worry, we can start a business with a small capital but if we run properly and earnestly, surely can produce a good profit. And I think this is just one example that we can start: Selling Electric Pulses. Why electrical pulses? Because the electrical pulses are needed for students, yes because in the campus environment it is unlikely that there is a sale of pulses. Maybe if outside the campus is there but if the lazy road would prefer to buy the same us instead of having to walk out of campus, not to mention if the campus is big right. good luck!!!



Want to develop a business that is currently running? All businesses must have a business model. If it is not clear business model then this will be difficult in the future. People often say doing business while looking for forms and finding shapes. Ideally, before actually starting a business must first determine what kind of shape. But what happens to most businesses is to walk like “running water”. Creating a new or existing business needs to be modeled business to be clear what will, is, and have done.

The business model is actually the frame of a business plan by thinking about how the company will gain profit or income by taking into account all business components. Simple understanding is how the company will make money. That’s what to think about! How to make money!

Someone named Alexander Osterwalder created a canvas in 2008, designed for a business model known as Lean Canvas. By using Lean Canvas this is the main activity in business looks clear and can be further explore to determine a good business model. The Lean Canvas looks sleek with 9 simple blocks but contains 9 key activities in a business model. This canvas is a good strategic management to be used in start up business or develop existing business. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs easily use Lean Canvas for their business model.

What are the 9 key activities? As the name implies Key Activities then this is an important activity to run a business. Without these 9 activities the business is not perfect. All parts of these 9 activities are equally important and should be considered carefully. Here are 9 key activities of a business model.

  1. Customer Segments: Who are our customers? What do they think, feel, see and do about our products?
  2. Value Propositions: What is interesting about the value proposition? Why do customers buy and use our products?
  3. Channels: How this value is promoted, sold, and delivered. Are the channels that we use so far work well to make money?
  4. Customer Relationships: How do you interact with customers through their experience of your product over the years?
  5. Revenue Streams: How does a business earn revenue from a value proposition?
  6. Key Activities: What unique strategies should a company have to compete with? What activities should the company do?
  7. Key Resources: What strategic strategic assets should a company have in order to compete?
  8. Key Partnerships: Who are the business partners who need to be partnered in order for the business to run well? Partnership which is not required for the company to focus on the main partnership.
  9. Cost Structure: What is the most important business cost? How is cost related to revenue?

These nine things need to be answered by both the individual business and the existing business. May nobody ever be left to think about going to a more profitable business!



Administration is one of the most important part in managing a business / business. Whatever type of business you are and how big or small the business you run will not escape the important role of administration in order to support the smoothness of business and sustaining your business growth.

Although you are a beginner business and business that you live is still relatively small never underestimate the importance of system administration. The practice of applying the administration to your business can start with the simplest administrative system, such as:

  1. Make daily notes / registers on sales
  2. Make a register of every purchase of inventory
  3. Keep notes on purchases
  4. Create and save a memo for each sale of your business.

    Once you get used to doing simple administration on business, then you can try and start learning to make a bookkeeping system, make calculations / reports profit and loss, and prepare a balance sheet. At least There are 4 benefits that you get, from doing administration on business, the benefits are as follows:

  • Knowing how much your business profits. By administering you can better ensure how much profit you earn not by guessing, every record of sales and purchases is clear evidence and data.
  • Avoid the risk of loss. By administering, at least you will not forget and wrong in setting a sales price, if there is no record of purchase and purchase notes you do not save well, sometimes one day you forget how much the purchase price of inventory you have paid, of course you will Difficulty in setting sales prices.
  • Data for business development. If your business has been properly administered, you can easily compare the amount of sales every month or every year, and you can easily measure how much your business growth percentages. Maybe you will start trying to add capital to your business growing.
  • As important data for your investors. Along with the progress of the business that you live, of course you will make additional capital for your business more advanced and growing, maybe you will find investors or business partners. Investors can be individuals or an institution such as banks, cooperatives and other institutions. Whoever your business investor, they need a certain data to find out how big the progress of your business and your business profit, if you have done the administration on the business, of course the data you already have.



Broadly speaking, the relationship between the economy and the business that affect each other. In a country, the economic system belongs to macroeconomics. In contrast, business belongs to microeconomics.

Between macro and micro, of course has a bond that is close enough and affect each other. If a country has a good economic foundation, where its currency value is stable, economic growth is always positive, its government policy supports the investment climate, and its social and political conditions are conducive, it provides a ‘fresh air’ for businesses to thrive. As business grows, investment will come in, labor is increasingly absorbed and state revenues will increase through taxes. This is a sign that a good business will strengthen a country’s economy.

The higher the economic growth of a country, the income of the community will increase. With the increase of people’s income, their purchasing power will increase as well. With increasing purchasing power, the business sector will get fresh air, with increasing business opportunities, increased sales, and of course corporate profits. Conversely, if GDP / GNP is low, then the economy becomes sluggish and people’s purchasing power will decrease. This will affect the business world will be increasingly lethargic.

The effect of the business world on the unemployment rate Business is one solution to reduce the unemployment rate of a country. The more business is run, the more open employment. To avoid high unemployment rates the business must be able to adjust the issues related to people’s purchasing power and business efficiency, as unemployment harms society, especially business. So, the existence of business is increasingly ‘mushrooming’, at least can ‘help’ the government in reducing the high unemployment rate.

Inflation impact on business ecosystem

– Inflation is a general trend of rising product prices.

– Product prices and changes are described as consumer price indices.

– The faster the price increases, the higher the consumer price index.

– The higher the consumer price index, the higher the rate of inflation.

– The higher the inflation rate, the purchasing power of the people will decrease further.

Thus, high inflation rates have a negative impact on the business world, because of the declining purchasing power of society – will make the business world increasingly listless.


Healthy Food Business is rampant

Of the many business sectors or businesses that rampant today is probably the center of food or culinary is one type of business that will always promise and prospect bright to be occupied. Food business opportunities will always be bright because food will always be a human need as long as the human is alive. When run and cultivated to the maximum culinary business has a huge potential to reap huge profits. However, you should remember that the competition in this business is also so strict that entrepreneurial candidates must be able to showcase unique products and can attract consumers.

Healthy food is not only a trend, but also has become a lifestyle of many people. Therefore, healthy food products also appear and attract attention. Food business is now not just a restaurant. Healthy food products are also emerging and appear as a promising business. If you are good at opportunities, this business is very promising. Some of these things you need to know before opening a healthy food business:

Find the opportunity loophole

You should look for food that people still want to eat but in healthier form. For example, a burger made with organic vegetables and whole wheat bread. Although impressive junk food people will love it more. Or biscuits with whole wheat ingredients, inorganic sugars and organic dried fruits.

Make sure it tastes good

If the idea is steady, now just cultivate it just taste. Because, taste is the number one thing. In addition to delicious, your product creations should also have a characteristic taste above average. The selection of materials must also be of quality, considering your product is a healthy product. Fresh ingredients, organic ingredients, low sugar and fat can be an option.

The touch of personal identity

When choosing a brand name for a product, there are other things to consider besides a memorable name. Loren Brill, owner of the brand Sweet Loren’s opinion, should put their own name or anything related to personal things in it. All this aims to let people know the name that has a recipe and is responsible for quality.

Read a lot

Reading lots of books on groceries and similar business food profiles can also inspire. By doing so, you know the details of the field to be occupied.…


In the business world there are two business classifications seen from the system work, there are so-called traditional business systems, and there is a modern business system. Often a business owner of a traditional type feels that his business development is difficult to develop and often stagnant, not in the sense that his business is dying, but can be said to be less benefit than the modern business / business where the development can be very fast and profitable.

So what is the difference between the two types of business? What distinguishes modern and modern businesses is in the system of participation and sharing of expenses / benefits. That is, a traditional business focuses more on marketing and production where it is assumed that these two things can be done by themselves at the same time, because it would be more profitable to work alone than to be shared with others. Indeed it can be done doing two functions simultaneously so you can be paid double and it is profitable for you as the owner and manager of the business.

But from that assumption, we are not aware of one thing that is when you want to increase sales then you have to be ready to increase production, and of course you have to ready for maintenance prospect which have become client, and it can do every day, week and month depending on ability Your time to set it because you are running 2 functions simultaneously.

What about the modern system? They are more sensitive to their abilities and expectations, so businesses of this type are more open to sharing and open participation in an organized manner. The assumption used is quantity, it’s ok to get a little profit from 1 buyer / client, but must have 1000 clients. And on this type of business will be able to produce 1000 products because of available human resources and market.

Of course that distinguishes between one type of business with another is on the management system. We know there are some management in a company including: Business plan, marketing management, finance, human resources, and production. But a system that is rarely used by traditional businesses is the HR  system, the simple assumption is that management is not very important, it can still be worked on by the business owner, but actually, HR is a dynamic resource as the primary source for producing, selling, managing and Turning the business is human resources.…