Credit card is a means of payment of cash replacement that can be used by consumers to be exchanged for goods and services they want in places that can accept payment by using credit card. Credit card can also be interpreted as one of banking facilities that facilitate customer transactions. You just swipe the credit card and we just pay it when the bill arrives. Both physically sent bills sent to the home or e-statements sent via email.

Compared to other types of consumer credit offered by banks, credit cards are a credit type that is easily approved if you are eligible to receive a credit card that is a photocopy of ID card, paycheck or income certificate, photo and other certificates deemed necessary. Before applying for a credit card, you must first understand what the credit card, types, and characteristics are.

Even on the current developments, if the prospective holder of a credit card application credit card already has a credit card before, then the prospective holder of the credit card concerned only need to submit a photocopy of the credit card bill. In addition to the ease in applying, the excess credit card is a very wide scope of use, from small transactions to large transactions. This is very beneficial for the community, especially for those who are mobile is in need of this transaction tool.

People usually use credit cards for payment transactions made via the internet, online stores, or stores that provide friction tools. In transactions conducted through the internet, the card holder has an obligation to pay for the goods purchased and has the right to receive the goods he has purchased from the merchant, and otherwise the merchant has the obligation to send the goods in good condition and specifications in accordance with what is ordered by the card Holder and entitled to receive payment. The rapid development of credit card usage is due to the growing importance of using credit cards as a means of payment and taking cash in view of the practicality, sense of comfort and safety. The activity is also inseparable from the imposition of taxes as a public obligation to impose tax on any transactions or facilities or fees to be paid on the use of facilities or ownership a goods.

Exceed the credit limit, so minimum payment is as much as the excess of the credit limit plus 10% of the total credit limit. The payment must be made by the maturity date of each month set by the issuer for each cardholder. Late payments will result in late fines. Credit cards can also be used to make cash withdrawals either directly through teller at the bank office or ATM (automated teller machine) where there are listed logo or name of the card owned, both inside and outside the country. Common credit cards used in this transaction are Visa and Master Card. Types of Credit Cards:

Credit Card

Credit card is a type of card that can be used as a means of payment of transactions of sale and purchase of goods or services where repayment or repayment can be done at once or by installments in a certain minimum amount. The amount of the installment is calculated from the balance of the bill plus the monthly interest.

Charge Card

Charge Card is a card that can be used as a means of payment of a sale and purchase transaction goods or services where the customer must pay back the full bill at the end of the month or next month with or without additional cost.

Debit Card

The Debit Card is different from the two plastic cards mentioned above. Payment on the sale and purchase of goods or services by using a debit card is in principle a cash transaction with no use of cash but the repayment or payment is made by debiting (deducting) directly the balance of the cardholder  account and in the same time crediting The merchant’s account is the amount of the transaction value at the issuing bank (manager).

Cash Card

Cash Card is basically a card that allows cardholders to withdraw cash either directly at the bank cashier or through certain bank ATM that are usually spread in strategic places, for example in hotels, shopping centers and office areas.…