Ideal business is a business that has been system. Around our homes appear new ventures that look more professional. The place of business looks cleaner, convenient for visitors, many options, and the transaction system is very short. These new businesses are definitely in the likes of consumers because consumers indulge consumers. And have you seen a grocery store that you used to be small until you’ve grown up there has been no development at all? Bad goods, bad goods, unsatisfactory services, fewer choices of goods. Right? You must find the answer.

Competitive Because of the neat, efficient, and good quality, businesses that have systems Standard Operating Procedure [SOP] is always more Competitive compared to conventional efforts. What is meant more Competitive is far more able to win the competition compared to other business actors
SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) That is the standard standard used as a guide and a barometer of all work unit activities that exist in all levels of business and your business. So if the company wants to go forward it needs standard operational standards and procedures to ensure good quality and good work.

Can be ascertained without a company SOP, in prediction of the company is unlikely to grow 10 years into the future. Why? Because all company activities do not have a standard reference. So the reference is only feeling, mood, appetite and command leader. If the company grows, employees are getting depressed and the more stressful leaders … !!
Let’s examine a restaurant if it does not have “SOP Cooking” seasoning sometimes excess sometimes fit and sometimes less at any time can change so surely consumers will be disappointed.
Are you growing?

If your business or business wants to grow, want your business to have branches, create a franchise, with a large number of employees and keep the business running automatically even without your presence? Then the answer is to Build Your Business with the Right SOP. What if you are just starting a business?
Precisely at the beginning of your business stand you start to make SOP to give birth SOP that really fit your business character

How to organize the SOP? Should it be compiled from A-Z? And whether the SOP should be prepared before or after the business? Many people do not know what SOP is. In fact, business actors who have been in business for decades do not know what is SOP. Many people assume that making SOP  is difficult and complicated to make SOP correctly and correctly. You will be guided to develop SOP from planning, drafting, applying, to evaluating.

Here are the Benefits of SOP for Your Company:

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the performance of the company or organization as a whole.
  • As standardization in completing the work of the company or organization Ensure consistency of service in terms of quality, time and procedures Improve accountability of task implementation.
  • Help provide information needed in the preparation of service standards, so as well as to provide information for service performance.
  • Reduce leadership involvement in day-to-day process implementation, and help employees become more independent and independent of leadership interventions.
  • Reduce the level of errors and omissions that an employee might make in performing the task
    Create a standardized performance measure and help evaluate the work done and provide concrete ways to improve performance.
  • Provide information for efforts to increase employee competency As a company performance instrument.
  • Provide information about the qualifications of competencies that must be mastered by employees in performing their duties.
  • Helps track down procedural errors in service delivery Ensure the execution of the Company’s job duties