Functions and Factors The Emergence of Business Ethics Problems

Various ethical issues in the company can come in many forms. Identification of various factors commonly encountered as a cause of ethical problems in the company is an important step to minimize the impact of business ethics issues on company performance.

Factors that generally cause the problem of business ethics in the company, that is Pursuit of Profit and Personal Interest, Competition Pressure Against Corporate Profit, Disagreement between Company Objectives and Individual, Cross Cultural Ethics Disagreement.

Pursuing Advantages and Personal Interests Greedy attitude can lead to ethical issues. Companies sometimes hire employees who have inappropriate personal values. These workers will place their interests to gain wealth beyond any other interest even in accumulating such wealth he harms other workers, corporations, and society.

Pressure of Competition on Corporate Profits. When companies are in a very tight competitive situation, companies often engage in unethical business activities to protect their level of profitability. Various food and beverage companies in Indonesia are suspected of using food and beverage dyes that are not safe for human consumption but are cheap, so they can reduce production costs and get low product prices. Even the food industry dare to use formalin which is a preservative corpse as a food preservative.

Disagreement between Corporate Values ​​and Business Values ​​(Business Goals versus Personal Values). Ethical issues can also arise when companies want to achieve certain goals or use new methods unacceptable to their workers:

Business Ethics on Corporate Functions

Ethical problems that occur in the company vary between the functions of one company and other corporate functions. This happens because the operations of the company are highly specialized in various fields of profession, so that every function of the company tends to have its own ethical problems.
The following will discuss various business ethics issues that occur in several areas of corporate function, namely:

Ethics in Accounting and Finance

Accounting function is a very important component for the company. Thus honesty, integrity, and accuracy in carrying out accounting activities is an absolute requirement that must be applied by the accounting function. One accounting practice that is considered unethical such as the preparation of different financial statements for different parties with the aim of benefiting from the preparation of such financial statements. In reality business activities are often found by companies that prepare different financial statements for different parties. There are internal company financial statements, financial statements for banks, and financial reports for the tax office. By doing this, the accounting department of the company deliberately manipulates the data in order to benefit from the preparation of the false report.

Ethics in Finance

Financial scandals arising from the execution of unethical financial functions have created various losses for investors. Bank Indonesia’s financial interest report will be applied to the bank . Through this practice it is as if the company has healthy financial ratios so it deserves credit. When in fact the financial condition of corporate finance is not as healthy as reported in the financial statements that have been enhanced. Other examples of financial ethical violations for example through inflating the value of corporate collateral, so the company can obtain credit exceeds the real value of collateral credit.

Ethics in Production and Marketing

 The relationship the company makes with its customers can lead to various ethical issues in the field of production and marketing. To protect consumers from unethical treatment that may be done by the company, the Indonesian government has enacted Law No. 8 of 1999 on Consumer Protection. This law is described various acts prohibited by the business actors. Among other things, business actors are prohibited from producing and / or trading goods and / or services that:
A. Does not meet or is not in accordance with the standards that are publicized and the provisions of legislation
B. Not in accordance with net weight, net or net contents, and quantities in the count as stated in the label or label of the goods
C. Not in accordance with size, dosage, scales, and count counts according to actual size
D. Not in accordance with the conditions, warranties, privileges, or efficacy as stated in the label, label or label of such goods and      services

Ethics in the Field of Information Technology (Ethnology) One of the areas that have the largest growth ethical problems in the era of the 1990s to early 2000 is the field of information technology. Matters that may raise ethical issues in this area include: attacks on a person’s privacy area, collection, storage, and access to business information primarily through e-commerce transactions, copyright protection concerning the creation of software, music and intellectual property rights…


Running a business is like running a life. The condition is not always as smooth as expected. There are many problems that will be an obstacle, but must be solved wisely. This is generally experienced by entrepreneurs in the business world. Preferably, start-up entrepreneurs are not easily down on the problems that occur in the course of business, but beginner entrepreneurs have to rise by promoting Innovation and Introspection of the business.

If we have a business that turns out to be quiet customers, this generally happens for several reasons. Maybe we sell products are too expensive, minimal quality and services we provide less than the maximum. Some elements such as price, quality and service would be the deciding factor for customers to our business. If it is bad, then the customer will no longer trust us. If it is currently a business is experiencing empty visitors, do not worry, following tips to deal with a business that is quiet customers:

Price Survey

You may survey by visiting the same store you own, and ask the prices in those stores. Then compare with the price you sell. If your store sells more expensive, you may have to lower the price of the product you sell.


Innovation is important to eliminate market saturation of a product. For example, if you are selling a food business, think about innovation in taste or packaging. If you can make it more unique again, it is not impossible customers who were less interested in buying your product would be a loyal customer.

Maintain Quality of Products and Services

Customers generally look for products with quality service. Therefore, you as the owner of his business, must be able to maintain these qualities. If your business has the best quality products and services, surely customers will be happy to continue shopping at your store.

Spread into the Online Market

If you want the product you sell to more people, it’s time to go to the online market. Create a social media account of the business you are running and promote the products you sell in the account.…



Sharia economics has two main points which are the basis of Shari’a law system law and hadith  the laws taken from the two basic foundations in concept and principle is fixed (can not change anytime and anywhere).

Islamic economics is part of economics that is interdisciplinary in the sense of Islamic economic studies can not stand alone, but it needs a good and deep mastery of the sciences and sharia sciences also support the sciences that serve as a tool of analysis such as mathematics , Statistics, logic.

The purpose of Sharia Economics

The purpose of Sharia Economics is in harmony with the objectives of the Islamic Shari’a itself that is to achieve happiness in the world and the hereafter  through a good and honorable life order.. The whole objectives to be achieved by Sharia Economics include micro or macro aspects, including the world time horizon or the hereafter. Principles of Sharia Economics:

  • Various resources are seen as giving or deposit from Allah to man.
  • Islam recognizes private property within certain limits.
  • The main driving force of Sharia Economics is cooperation.
  • The Shari’a economy rejects the accumulation of wealth controlled by only a few people.
  • Sharia economy guarantees community ownership and its use is planned for the benefit of many people.
  • A Muslim should fear Allah and the Day of Judgment in the Hereafter.
  • Zakat must be paid on the wealth that has met the limit.

    The Benefits of Sharia Economics

  • Should the implementation of Islamic economy will bring great benefits to Muslims by themselves, namely:
  • Realizing the integrity of a  Muslim, so Islam is no longer half heart. If found there are Muslims who are still struggling and practice the conventional economy, indicating that Islam has not whole.
  • Implementing and implementing Islamic economics through Islamic financial institutions, in the form of banks, insurance, pawnshops, and BMT will benefit the world and the hereafter. Profits in the world are obtained through the profit-sharing obtained, while the gain in the hereafter is free from the element of usury that is forbidden by God.
  • Economic practice based on Islamic Shari’a contains the value of worship, for having practiced the Shari’a of Allah.
  • Mailing sharia economics through sharia financial institutions, means supporting the progress of the economic institutions of Muslims.
    Practicing the sharia economy by opening savings, deposits or becoming a customer of sharia insurance means supporting the economic empowerment effort of the People. Because the funds collected will be collected and channeled through the real trading sector.
  • Forecasting sharia economy is to support the movement of Encourage good things and prevent bad things. Because the funds collected in Islamic financial institutions should only be channeled to halal businesses and projects.


Administration is one of the most important part in managing a business / business. Whatever type of business you are and how big or small the business you run will not escape the important role of administration in order to support the smoothness of business and sustaining your business growth.

Although you are a beginner business and business that you live is still relatively small never underestimate the importance of system administration. The practice of applying the administration to your business can start with the simplest administrative system, such as:

  1. Make daily notes / registers on sales
  2. Make a register of every purchase of inventory
  3. Keep notes on purchases
  4. Create and save a memo for each sale of your business.

    Once you get used to doing simple administration on business, then you can try and start learning to make a bookkeeping system, make calculations / reports profit and loss, and prepare a balance sheet. At least There are 4 benefits that you get, from doing administration on business, the benefits are as follows:

  • Knowing how much your business profits. By administering you can better ensure how much profit you earn not by guessing, every record of sales and purchases is clear evidence and data.
  • Avoid the risk of loss. By administering, at least you will not forget and wrong in setting a sales price, if there is no record of purchase and purchase notes you do not save well, sometimes one day you forget how much the purchase price of inventory you have paid, of course you will Difficulty in setting sales prices.
  • Data for business development. If your business has been properly administered, you can easily compare the amount of sales every month or every year, and you can easily measure how much your business growth percentages. Maybe you will start trying to add capital to your business growing.
  • As important data for your investors. Along with the progress of the business that you live, of course you will make additional capital for your business more advanced and growing, maybe you will find investors or business partners. Investors can be individuals or an institution such as banks, cooperatives and other institutions. Whoever your business investor, they need a certain data to find out how big the progress of your business and your business profit, if you have done the administration on the business, of course the data you already have.



Broadly speaking, the relationship between the economy and the business that affect each other. In a country, the economic system belongs to macroeconomics. In contrast, business belongs to microeconomics.

Between macro and micro, of course has a bond that is close enough and affect each other. If a country has a good economic foundation, where its currency value is stable, economic growth is always positive, its government policy supports the investment climate, and its social and political conditions are conducive, it provides a ‘fresh air’ for businesses to thrive. As business grows, investment will come in, labor is increasingly absorbed and state revenues will increase through taxes. This is a sign that a good business will strengthen a country’s economy.

The higher the economic growth of a country, the income of the community will increase. With the increase of people’s income, their purchasing power will increase as well. With increasing purchasing power, the business sector will get fresh air, with increasing business opportunities, increased sales, and of course corporate profits. Conversely, if GDP / GNP is low, then the economy becomes sluggish and people’s purchasing power will decrease. This will affect the business world will be increasingly lethargic.

The effect of the business world on the unemployment rate Business is one solution to reduce the unemployment rate of a country. The more business is run, the more open employment. To avoid high unemployment rates the business must be able to adjust the issues related to people’s purchasing power and business efficiency, as unemployment harms society, especially business. So, the existence of business is increasingly ‘mushrooming’, at least can ‘help’ the government in reducing the high unemployment rate.

Inflation impact on business ecosystem

– Inflation is a general trend of rising product prices.

– Product prices and changes are described as consumer price indices.

– The faster the price increases, the higher the consumer price index.

– The higher the consumer price index, the higher the rate of inflation.

– The higher the inflation rate, the purchasing power of the people will decrease further.

Thus, high inflation rates have a negative impact on the business world, because of the declining purchasing power of society – will make the business world increasingly listless.



Credit card is a means of payment of cash replacement that can be used by consumers to be exchanged for goods and services they want in places that can accept payment by using credit card. Credit card can also be interpreted as one of banking facilities that facilitate customer transactions. You just swipe the credit card and we just pay it when the bill arrives. Both physically sent bills sent to the home or e-statements sent via email.

Compared to other types of consumer credit offered by banks, credit cards are a credit type that is easily approved if you are eligible to receive a credit card that is a photocopy of ID card, paycheck or income certificate, photo and other certificates deemed necessary. Before applying for a credit card, you must first understand what the credit card, types, and characteristics are.

Even on the current developments, if the prospective holder of a credit card application credit card already has a credit card before, then the prospective holder of the credit card concerned only need to submit a photocopy of the credit card bill. In addition to the ease in applying, the excess credit card is a very wide scope of use, from small transactions to large transactions. This is very beneficial for the community, especially for those who are mobile is in need of this transaction tool.

People usually use credit cards for payment transactions made via the internet, online stores, or stores that provide friction tools. In transactions conducted through the internet, the card holder has an obligation to pay for the goods purchased and has the right to receive the goods he has purchased from the merchant, and otherwise the merchant has the obligation to send the goods in good condition and specifications in accordance with what is ordered by the card Holder and entitled to receive payment. The rapid development of credit card usage is due to the growing importance of using credit cards as a means of payment and taking cash in view of the practicality, sense of comfort and safety. The activity is also inseparable from the imposition of taxes as a public obligation to impose tax on any transactions or facilities or fees to be paid on the use of facilities or ownership a goods.

Exceed the credit limit, so minimum payment is as much as the excess of the credit limit plus 10% of the total credit limit. The payment must be made by the maturity date of each month set by the issuer for each cardholder. Late payments will result in late fines. Credit cards can also be used to make cash withdrawals either directly through teller at the bank office or ATM (automated teller machine) where there are listed logo or name of the card owned, both inside and outside the country. Common credit cards used in this transaction are Visa and Master Card. Types of Credit Cards:

Credit Card

Credit card is a type of card that can be used as a means of payment of transactions of sale and purchase of goods or services where repayment or repayment can be done at once or by installments in a certain minimum amount. The amount of the installment is calculated from the balance of the bill plus the monthly interest.

Charge Card

Charge Card is a card that can be used as a means of payment of a sale and purchase transaction goods or services where the customer must pay back the full bill at the end of the month or next month with or without additional cost.

Debit Card

The Debit Card is different from the two plastic cards mentioned above. Payment on the sale and purchase of goods or services by using a debit card is in principle a cash transaction with no use of cash but the repayment or payment is made by debiting (deducting) directly the balance of the cardholder  account and in the same time crediting The merchant’s account is the amount of the transaction value at the issuing bank (manager).

Cash Card

Cash Card is basically a card that allows cardholders to withdraw cash either directly at the bank cashier or through certain bank ATM that are usually spread in strategic places, for example in hotels, shopping centers and office areas.…

Healthy Food Business is rampant

Of the many business sectors or businesses that rampant today is probably the center of food or culinary is one type of business that will always promise and prospect bright to be occupied. Food business opportunities will always be bright because food will always be a human need as long as the human is alive. When run and cultivated to the maximum culinary business has a huge potential to reap huge profits. However, you should remember that the competition in this business is also so strict that entrepreneurial candidates must be able to showcase unique products and can attract consumers.

Healthy food is not only a trend, but also has become a lifestyle of many people. Therefore, healthy food products also appear and attract attention. Food business is now not just a restaurant. Healthy food products are also emerging and appear as a promising business. If you are good at opportunities, this business is very promising. Some of these things you need to know before opening a healthy food business:

Find the opportunity loophole

You should look for food that people still want to eat but in healthier form. For example, a burger made with organic vegetables and whole wheat bread. Although impressive junk food people will love it more. Or biscuits with whole wheat ingredients, inorganic sugars and organic dried fruits.

Make sure it tastes good

If the idea is steady, now just cultivate it just taste. Because, taste is the number one thing. In addition to delicious, your product creations should also have a characteristic taste above average. The selection of materials must also be of quality, considering your product is a healthy product. Fresh ingredients, organic ingredients, low sugar and fat can be an option.

The touch of personal identity

When choosing a brand name for a product, there are other things to consider besides a memorable name. Loren Brill, owner of the brand Sweet Loren’s opinion, should put their own name or anything related to personal things in it. All this aims to let people know the name that has a recipe and is responsible for quality.

Read a lot

Reading lots of books on groceries and similar business food profiles can also inspire. By doing so, you know the details of the field to be occupied.…