In the business world there are two business classifications seen from the system work, there are so-called traditional business systems, and there is a modern business system. Often a business owner of a traditional type feels that his business development is difficult to develop and often stagnant, not in the sense that his business is dying, but can be said to be less benefit than the modern business / business where the development can be very fast and profitable.

So what is the difference between the two types of business? What distinguishes modern and modern businesses is in the system of participation and sharing of expenses / benefits. That is, a traditional business focuses more on marketing and production where it is assumed that these two things can be done by themselves at the same time, because it would be more profitable to work alone than to be shared with others. Indeed it can be done doing two functions simultaneously so you can be paid double and it is profitable for you as the owner and manager of the business.

But from that assumption, we are not aware of one thing that is when you want to increase sales then you have to be ready to increase production, and of course you have to ready for maintenance prospect which have become client, and it can do every day, week and month depending on ability Your time to set it because you are running 2 functions simultaneously.

What about the modern system? They are more sensitive to their abilities and expectations, so businesses of this type are more open to sharing and open participation in an organized manner. The assumption used is quantity, it’s ok to get a little profit from 1 buyer / client, but must have 1000 clients. And on this type of business will be able to produce 1000 products because of available human resources and market.

Of course that distinguishes between one type of business with another is on the management system. We know there are some management in a company including: Business plan, marketing management, finance, human resources, and production. But a system that is rarely used by traditional businesses is the HR  system, the simple assumption is that management is not very important, it can still be worked on by the business owner, but actually, HR is a dynamic resource as the primary source for producing, selling, managing and Turning the business is human resources.