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Provide autocomplete for search box by typeahead.js.

Any suggestions,issues please comment on this page.

  1. Hi there, Nice plugin! I’m working with WordPress and Bootstrap and I found it very useful.Just a couple of questions:1) Is it possible to add a “minLength” option in the admin area?2) Another thing would be to add a function to run when a title has been selected (I mean: type something > here the typeahead suggestions come > select one of them and hit return/enter to select and run the search; now it needs a double hit on the return button).Hope to see next versions of this awesome plugin

    • Hi,Simone: I’m glad you like this plugin,and thanks for your feedback and suggestions .In next versions,i will add a function that if you select one of suggestions and enter/click to search you will directly redirect to the post and you don’t need to click the post title on the search results page again.Is this what you want?And i don’t understand the meaning of “minLength” ,can you explain it in detail?Thanks.