Business management will be very useful when you run a business activity. Management itself is a science that deals with various matters related to the arrangement, design and supervision of an activity including the business. The term management comes from the word in Italian language manggiare or that has a sense of control. According to Marg Parker Foler, management is the art of getting things done through the work of others. This art is also a way to achieve a certain goal that can provide benefits for the whole organization as well as some parties. In addition, management is also taken from a word in English that is manage which has a sense of organizing or managing.

Business has a definition as one type of activity that aims to sell products of products in the form of goods or services. Can be concluded that Understanding Business Management is an activity to manage the sale of products in order to provide profits of magnitude to the perpetrators. Business management is useful to help business people in running their business so as to avoid the risk of getting a loss in the business.

The business includes several interrelated components that relate to each other. Component components of the business include business management, branding, services and products, relationships and also customers. Business management is a key component of a business in order to succeed. Management has a goal to create a plan, manage and run a business. Another component of business is branding. Branding or brand making is an important component to provide an image of the business that will later support the achievement for business success. When making the brand is done properly, it will be more potential consumers who are interested in the goods.

Brand quality will also determine consumer confidence which will affect the income and profits that can be obtained from business results. Brand also has an emotional influence on society, that brand can give a different impression and point of view about a goods and producers. Services and products are also included in the scope of business management. Services and products are component components in the business that are offered to consumers and markets. The next business component is the partner, the parties involved in the implementation of business and play a role in the business of achieving the goals of success in business. The next component that is also very important in business management is the customer. Customers as consumers of the goods and services offered by a manufacturer to the market have an important role in providing benefits for the company. The more customers will surely be more profits earned by a manufacturer.

To be able to achieve the right business success, it requires a well-planned business management so that it can direct the business toward the right direction and anticipate the existence of losses that may be faced by a business. Starting a business management plan is not just about capital. Lots or at least capital does not guarantee a business will be successful with the right. But with the right management, it will be obtained efficient business implementation in using the available capital. To achieve efficient business management planning, it is necessary to carefully calculate the existing capital by adjusting to the operational activities of the factory or company until some time in the future. Creating the right long-term budget will be very appropriate in helping the company to achieve success.