Understanding Business is basically an Economic activity of buying and selling, with the aim of the buyer and the seller get the price difference from the capital he issued, in short the business is buying and selling activities! Not more not less! And Business comes from the word busy which means busy.

What is Business, is business different from trade? There are some who think that business is business, while trade is different from business! Regardless of whether or not true, business and trade can almost be said that is a buying and selling activity to get a profit! Perhaps if hearing the word trade, there is the impression that the trade is identical to the traditional activity, while the business is synonymous with modern activities.

Business activity is present because there is a significant amount of market demand, and the seller sees potential profit, if it can provide the demand for the product! Business or commercial activity will not occur if there is no demand from the market, the seller has already known it based on his observations, in the past the basic knowledge of buying and selling is unknown and not well integrated, and each area has different price standards – so many merchants travel on expeditions where they aim to get cheap goods somewhere or different areas especially for spice products where at that time there is a very high demand!

Business basically promises wealth, fun and prosperity if we can play it well, but not everyone has the talent to do business, maybe everyone can dream, and can hope, but business activities will not be as easy as imagined, there are several factors Which will affect the success of the business itself either mentality, attitude (attitude), intelligence. (Due to great interest / expert because of likes), the last is the experience factor.

Did you know that 99% of the people around us have dreamed of being a successful businessman but who achieve that dream is no more than 10%, sounds ironic and tragic, but that’s the reality in business, lots of enthusiasts but few are successful and do not be surprised There are many out there who sell products related to successful business secrets and such if the question is whether the product product that is circulating about the successful business is true who knows maybe if the product is used as a basic material to better understand what is business, and deeper, why Not? At least their product is only worth 100 thousands or its surroundings

In today’s all-round “hard” job search, what’s wrong if we make our own business or business. Do not have the capital? Do not worry, we can start a business with a small capital but if we run properly and earnestly, surely can produce a good profit. And I think this is just one example that we can start: Selling Electric Pulses. Why electrical pulses? Because the electrical pulses are needed for students, yes because in the campus environment it is unlikely that there is a sale of pulses. Maybe if outside the campus is there but if the lazy road would prefer to buy the same us instead of having to walk out of campus, not to mention if the campus is big right. good luck!!!