One way a person can make money or earn money is to invest. Investment is a term pertaining to finance and economics. Investment is often called investment. According to economic theory, investment is the purchase and production of a capital of goods used for production in the future.

Shares are proof of ownership of a company or business entity. The shares you own prove if you are one of the owners of the company in accordance with the amount of shares owned. Investing in shares can bring huge profits or it can also bring huge losses as well. If the company runs well, it will bring benefits not only to the company but also to the shareholders.

Why should the stock business:

  1. Stocks are highly liquid and transparent
    You can see clearly how much the price of demand and supply and how many lots are offered and in demand. Also with the regulations on information disclosure and the company must report its financial statements, the investor can analyze the condition and prospects of the company in more depth.
  2. Stocks are very easy
    One investment instrument that is very easy to use is stock, where to sell or buy shares. If Physical to sell or buy it you have to go to the gold shop. The risk on the road is huge, if suddenly a robbery, not just money or gold lost, but life can also float.If Property is booming, however, to sell property is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, besides having To advertise, there are many things to be taken care of, including when the sale takes place, must take care of the notary for the purchase agreement.
  3. Can be done from anywhere, does not require a specific location
    With online trading, you do not even need to go out to make a transaction. You can make transactions anywhere, and now some online trading has provided trading facilities from mobile phones. So while traveling, you can also keep doing transactions.
  4. Very small capital
    Investment in the form of Property requires a very large capital, at least above 50 million. While in stock, with a capital of just 5 million even one million you can start a transaction.
  5. Safe
    Because now there are government regulations regarding the separation of customer accounts and securities so all Customers funds are in their respective accounts – each