3 Reasons Why Your Computer Might Be Acting Up

One of the worst feelings in the world is working on something only to have your computer malfunction. When this results in the loss of your work, it may be downright infuriating and defeating. Whether you are working at home on your personal computer or in an office on your mainframe, any downtime caused by a problem with your computer gives cause for frustration and can cost you money. If your computer starts acting up, check out these three common reasons for it.

1. Your Computer May Have a Virus

The primary reason for your computer suddenly going on the fritz is virus or malware picked up on the internet. A virus can wreak havoc on the inner workings of your computer, infecting the motherboard and corrupting all your data and documents. Recovering from a virus may take the help of it consulting firms or the data you lost may be gone forever.

2. Your Driver May Have Issues

Sometimes an unresponsive program is just as bad as one that shuts off. When your driver becomes corrupted, it may cause one or more applications to stop working correctly. Fixing this problem may require the use of a professional, or you may try and do it yourself using resources available online.

3. Having More Than One Anti-Viral Program

You don’t want to get infected with malware, so you have anti-virus software that affords you peace of mind. However, your computer crashes could be routed in this software, especially if it is not compatible with your computer or you have more than one installed. Less is more when it comes to software such as this, so uninstall one and see if it helps your computer woes.

Dealing with a messed-up computer can be a significant drag and cause you stress. Try starting with these common problems and see if they take care of the root of your problem.