Car Wash Systems – Keeping Clean While Saving Water

You want peace of mind when you decide to open a car wash. It’s understandable. There are plenty of other locations that wash cars, so why is yours any different?

Of course, that’s your Inner Editor speaking. The one who always told you not to take that big leap forward, not keep the faith, and not to take chances. However, you didn’t listen to it in the past. So, there’s no reason to listen to it now.

Car Wash Systems Today

You’re not building this from the ground up. Instead, you’ve decided to invest in a company like Fastech to help you with the project. That’s because they help people like you with complete car wash systems.

These companies do everything. They perform feasibility studies on the area, construct the car wash, install the equipment, develop traffic control plans, and even provide the chemicals used to clean the vehicles. And, they also do one important thing …

Saving Water

These companies help you select a system that saves you water — an important factor in California. Together, you work with business representatives to choose equipment that not only will efficiently clean the vehicles but also reduce the amount of water used on a daily basis.

For example, you may select a system that recycles clean water for another use. Or, they may recommend a cleaning solvent that doesn’t require as much water to wash off. This does three things. One, it allows you to lower your carbon footprint. Second, it reduces your monthly water bills.

Third, and probably most important, it helps draw customers in. If environmentally-conscious drivers know you use systems that reduce the amount of water, then they’ll make an effort to drive to you instead of a nearby car wash. In addition, their word of mouth will bring additional customers to your place.

How do you begin this process? Speak to a non-competitor to see what company they worked with. Next, ask for a free consultation so you can get a feeling of how they work. Then, get ready to get washing!

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