Dredges For Rent

Can you imagine how much material is dredged from the bottoms of America’s waterways each year? Most people would be surprised to hear that the answer is several hundred million cubic yards. This dredging done to maintain safe depths in marinas, harbors, ports, and other waterways for boats to pass.
Some of the material that gets dredged is considered hazardous and must be sent to CDFs (Confined Disposal Facilities). However, almost half of the material dredged up isn’t hazardous and doesn’t need containment. Containment facilities are becoming full quickly, so it’s a good idea to employ some alternative uses for the harmless, clean dredged material. After all, there’s no point in letting it go to waste.
While you’re looking for dredges for rent, here are a few ways to re-purpose the material you dredge in your dredging operation:
Replenish and nourish beaches: If you have coarse clean dredged material, you can use it on beach shores to create or expand on beach zones and places of recreation. It’s difficult to find high quality beach sand. In coastal areas, the local economy depends on beaches. Replenishing them will make them more inviting and comfortable for visitors.
Create or restore water habitats: High quality, clean dredged material can also be used to create or restore aquatic marine and wetland habitats. Added restoration material to these areas often naturally encourages the growth of vegetation native to the area, and provides more area for larger natural areas for native species to thrive.
Enhance and Create Topsoil: Topsoil material is necessary for stable hillsides and for the growth of vegetation. Valuable material for topsoil can be created using finer dredged material. It can be applied on its own, or mixed with other material like bio-solids and manure.
There are other practical ways to use clean dredged material, such as construction fill, land creation, and landfill covers and caps. This all benefits the environment since we don’t need to use disposal facilities quite so often, and also helps to restore areas that need the soil or sand.