How Postal List Management Can Increase Your Sales


With all the television channels, search engine optimizing services and other advertising media available today, it’s often difficult to determine which was advertising vehicle will be most effective for your business. But don’t forget direct mail when you’re putting your advertising plan together. Direct mail has many inherent advantages, including the ability to personalize your message and calculate your exact return on investment. That said, here are several ways direct mail and postal list management can generate more revenue for your company.

Highly Targetable

Most mailing list companies offer a number of postal list categories. That way their customers can choose categories of buyers who are most likely to purchase from them. For example, if you sell vitamins, you can order a list of people who have purchased vitamins — actual users as opposed to tire kickers. You can also choose demographic groups that best meet your customers’ profiles, whether it’s woman over 35 or households with incomes over $75,000.

Repeat Orders

Once you acquire customers from a mailing, their names and addresses are yours to keep. This enables you to continue mailing to these customers with new offers, such as when you introduce new products. Over time, you can build these customer lists into the thousands and even tens of thousands. And it’s highly likely you can convert a significant percentage of those mailings into orders — much higher returns than you’d receive with a cold mailing list.

Marketing Research

Having access to postal mailing lists also enables you to generate feedback from your buyers. For example, you may want to measure product satisfaction levels among buyers and garner feedback on how you can improve your products or services. Mail a one-page questionnaire and ask customers to respond. Not everyone will, but you can still generate a high enough response for a reliable sample size. Offer a small gift to increase the response rate for your survey. Allow customers to email their responses back, which saves them money on postage.

Easier Tracking

More than any type of media, postal list management enables you to track exact costs and revenues generated from each mailing. Just key your order form with a code number so you know from which mailing each order was elicited. There are professional mailing list services, such as Red Crane Media, that can help you manage these postal lists if you don’t have anyone in-house to track mailings. Some advantages of using mailing list management companies like Red Crane Media are higher returns on investment and improved client retention. These types of companies can also better analyze your customer base with respect to demographics, lifestyles or even psychographics, and enhance your target marketing even more.