How to Incorporate a Small Workspace, or Office, into Your Bedroom Décor

Oft-times, full-time, at-home workers are stay-at-home parents and guardians, but bedrooms are sanctuaries. You can choose to have calm and quiet, which means you can have the peace you need for the short time you have to work. So, without further ado, here are a few methods to incorporate a small workspace into your bedroom décor.

Renovate Your Walk-In Closet to Include a Small Work Area, Complete with a Desktop and Comfy Chair

If you have lots of room in your walk-in closet, consider moving over some clothes to convert half of the space into a walk-in office. Or, remove the clothes bars entirely, replacing them with shelves and fabric totes for your plethora of shoes, ties, and scarves. Measure out a space for a small desk of your choice, with enough room for a comfortable computer chair.

Or, Opt for a Lap Desk, Laptop, and C-Shaped Back Cushion Instead

Another bedroom office option is a lap desk. You can comfortably sit in your bed, or in a comfy, oversized corner chair, against a C-shaped back cushion [for lumbar support] and your trusty laptop.

Get a Corner Desk for a Bedroom Nook

Most bedrooms are cluttered with beds, dressers, wardrobes, and nightstands. But perhaps you can find a corner for a corner, L-shaped desk. This could be your little office nook. You could snag a couple of used partitions for sale to separate your workspace from your living space.

Or, Go with a Folding Table and the Bottom of Your Bed

One more method for incorporating an office into your bedroom is to invest in a simple folding table. Then you can use the end of your bed as a chair, at your leisure. Sure, this is a short-term option. But, if you have little work to do, and even less time to complete it, this office option will do in a pinch.

For more suggestions on how to incorporate an office space into your bedroom décor, shell out a few bucks for professional advice. There are probably dozens of interior designers in your area—and all of them probably have great ideas for a bedroom workspace.