Printer Definition, Function, and Type-Kind

In the process of computing, we know the term input, process and output. Well, when you finish a job through a process of computing, the monitor will display the results of such work (output) in the form of digital (electronic), if you want to change the digital form into physical (hard copy), then enhancement you need is a printer. So simply, a printer is an external device that is in charge of taking computer data and produces a hard copy of the data.

Understanding printer

Understanding printer is an electromechanical device that converts text and graphic documents from electronic form (digital) into physical form. Generally, printers are additional external devices (external peripheral devices) are connected to a computer or laptop via a wired or wireless to receive input data and print it on paper. Until now, various printers have been provided with a variety of features ranging from printing black and white documents, color, both with low and high graphics quality, as well as the combined functions of other devices.

In terms of quality, the printer is identified with features like luggage color quality, print speed, print resolution, etc. Today, popping up with multi function printers, as well as modern printer. This modern printer comes with a multipurpose function that is their combination printer, scanner, copier, fax, and more. To meet the different needs there are various printers available and can work in different types of technology today. Branded packing tape has been the first choice for custom printed tape distributors, have an environmentally friendly ink systems and other advantage that we offer.

Types of Printer

As noted above in terms of printers, since the invention of printing technology, various technologies have been used in computer printers. In general, the printer can be categorized into two types, namely printer impact and non-impact printers. Impact printers are the type of printer used to create the letter. Examples daisy wheel printers and dot matrix printers. While non-impact printers do not work with the ink ribbon. For example, inkjet printers and laser printers.