Top Things That Affect Your Property Value

Many things affect the market value of your home that are beyond your control, such as the zoning laws, location or the current real estate market in your town. However, noticeable things like a torn roof, needed fence repair columbus ohio or an outdated interior are actionable steps that can be taken to get the most of your sale. Here are things to consider that devalue your property when you look to sell.

Is the market ready for your listing?

If there are several homes for sale in the area, check and see how long they have been on the market. A realtor can tell you the best time to list a home, and chances are you will get closer to your asking price if there isn’t a lot of competition. Comparable homes in the area might highlight either the positives or negatives associated with your home and property, increasing the gamble you take with your asking price.

Is your neighborhood in the right shape?

You may have the best home on the block, but if your neighbors have a run-down shack, your overall value diminishes. While you can’t force your neighbors to be nice, perhaps a call to local code enforcement can ensure neighborhood is neat and tidy before you sell. If you are far from a quality school district and have dismal choices for education and even employment, buyers will not agree with the same value you have given your home.

Is your appeal both inside and out?

A fresh landscape and well-cared for yard indicate pride in the residence. However, the interior should offer the same updates and tip-top shape the outside reveals. Repairs should be minimal, and kitchen and bathroom design and fixtures should be updated. A house that looks old, looks cheap.

Don’t let these issues lower your bottom line. Fix what you can and make the best of the situation.