Where to get a loan with bad credit history?

Most often, this problem occurs when you have applied to several banks for loans, and in each one you have been rejected on the basis that you should have a bad credit history. You may have received a first refusal, or have tried a lot of banks, but to take further action is needed to understand the situation in detail. You need an overnight bad credit loans, or let us first find out what is the credit history, how it was formed, which follow and where it is possible to find it?

credit history

For the formation of credit histories of borrowers (subject of credit history), there is a commercial organization special – Agencies Credit (credit bureau), acting on the basis of agreement with the bank, which for the most part provide information about the borrower them and, if necessary, may request CHB in a special document – credit report will apply for a loan, which will contain your credit history.

If you refuse to obtain a loan you must first know your credit history to see if your credit history is actually negative, or there must be some mistake. Free learn your credit history can any citizen of the Russian Federation once a year only by contacting with the passport to any bank or credit bureau, and then you will be required to provide within 10 days.

So, you’ve learned your credit history and make sure that it is really negative and it was not the fault of banks and negative, it is a mistake you.Anything to do now? How and where can I take out a loan with a bad credit history?

Bad credit history, what to do …

Obviously, but by no means the easiest and fastest way – to improve your credit history. It will probably take longer, but it’s the safest way. In order to improve credit history is better to take a small consumer loans at the store, or purchase a credit card, which is now freely available at the box office, even in the supermarket. And he took a loan to pay for a course in life, and may even pay early. Also a very important time to pay the bill, fines – correcting this way your credit history. It should be noted that banks tend to pay attention to past credit history and a half to two years. After a year of this ideal behavior, most banks will reconsider their attitude to your credit history and significantly improve credit conditions.

However, if you do not want or can not spend a term to bring your credit history so, then there is another way – much faster, but much less effective and, in addition to this, it is very risky. Today, the Internet is full of dubious service offers “loan broker” – “. Persuading employees of the bank in your credit” of people who will act as a sort of mediator between you and the bank, themselves, seemed to put the components of either corruption or fraud – that is, or you fooled by persuading to pay a sort of “pre-payment” for their services or broker is really personally familiar with the bank employee, and you have to pay some bribe for the loan. However, if you really need money urgently, then you might take a chance, most importantly do not give your money to fraudsters. Now you know where to get a loan with bad credit history, can only wish you good luck!